Ok, so this is an app very close to my heart. I have been looking for a way of avoiding writing an app for delivering notifications to my users on The cost of app development is still too high ($5,000+ for a basic application is the standard quotation I get) and I only need it for some basic communication with my clients. Notifo offers a managed third-party service with no-or-little cost of accessing the service and a trivial API to access all the functionality I need.

So, what does it offer?

For the developer (i.e. me):

  • Low cost and low stress technique for delivering a notification message (and a URL link) to a user
  • Multiple interfaces: API, Email, RSS
  • A free app for my users to download and use (it does other stuff as well!)

For the consumer (i.e. you?):

  • A free iPhone and Desktop app to use and abuse
  • A notification system for many different services: Twitter, RSS news feeds, Github, Nagios, Splunk, etc.
  • An awesomely simple one-click browser plugin for sending URLs to your phone
  • A basic P2P instant message system
So why do I love Notifo so much? It is the perfect integration model for startups like mine. I get free use of a critical service without having to code and distribute an app. It bridges gap perfectly between old world SaaS services and new world mobile SaaS apps. Then as my business grows I can afford to share a small amount of the love with them. Everyone has to make a living (except Google of course).



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