Pinch, punch first of the month. I thought today I would introduce you to a fun SaaS site. They are probably taking their site a little more seriously than I am but that’s life! DecideAlready is a group decision assistant. It allows a user to propose a question and a set of possible answers to a distributed group of individuals and have them vote on an outcome. There are three methods of decisions:

  • Simple – You pick one answer and assign one vote to it
  • Ranked – You rank all the answers from most to least preferred
  • Criteria – You provide them a list of factors to consider with a sliding scale of weight (this is their commercial offering)
So, this is not a life changing service. But it is a useful service and you would be surprised how many times we wish we had a product like this. A simple, easy, mostly free web service for solving an every day problem.
DecideAlready is a SproutBox portfolio company. They have a growing collection of cool companies offering simple but useful solutions such as (in order of what I find most interesting):
  • CheddarGetter – Awesome subscription management and billing system
  • Proposable – Web delivery of sales proposals
  • Squad ¬†– Collaborative code editing
  • ScheduleThing – Online scheduling and reservations
Keep up the good work SproutBox.


  • I can’t find any even though I know there must be some.
  • Post a comment to add to this list …

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