It’s a very Sassy SaaS world

My world has changed. Over the last 2-3 years I have moved away from loving hardware (seriously, who wouldn’t fall in love with a gorgeous IBM blade chassis?) to loving SaaS services. It started with Gmail, where I host all my email, but it has extended to many parts of my life. I have since vowed never to own another piece of hardware, except for what I need to connect to the world.

Below is a list of services I use nearly every day but over time I will post all the great services I find, even if I don’t use them myself. Someone will gain from finding awesome services that they never knew about before. I hope you do.

A quick note for any product marketing people out there. If you want to know the truth, I will almost always give preference to a SaaS product that has a mobile app to go with it. I really love my iPhone and the convenience it gives me to break away from my desk.

The services I use frequently (I will update this over time):

  • Gmail – email
  • Saasu – book keeping
  • Mitto SMS – sending sms (ok, this is my site, so it’s hardly surprising I use it daily)
  • Dropbox – file storage and backup
  • Genieo – personal “magazine”
  • Unfuddle – source version control, ticketing and general development coordination
  • iSendr – large file sharing though your web browser
  • Prezzi – awesome presentation tool
  • Pingdom – website monitoring
  • HootSuite – a better interface to Twitter
  • oDesk – online workforce
  • LinkedIn – business social network
  • Picassa – photo storage
  • WordPress – blog publishing
FWIW, I refuse to use Facebook. I know I am in the minority but I stand by my position that no good can come of Facebook.

5 responses to “It’s a very Sassy SaaS world

  1. What are your thoughts on Android phones? I think they can do anything the iPhone can do, and then some. As an iPhone user (first 3, now 4) I get annoyed at certain limitations. And I’m not limiting this to Flash on websites!

    Also, ROFL at hating Facebook and having the “share on Facebook” button right there! So, see you on Google ?

    • I see the irony of the Facebook button. I didn’t even know it was there. I feel like quite the user now ๐Ÿ™‚
      My thoughts on iPhone vs Android, however off-topic, are well thought out.

      1. Android is pretty impressive so far. In 12 months or so it will be ready.
      2. Android handsets are horribly fragmenting the market. Updates are difficult and clumsy.
      3. Apple devices have a much greater sex appeal, which cannot be ignored.
      4. You can’t underestimate the value of buying the hardware, the operating system and many of the useful apps from one place. They are THOROUGHLY tested.
      5. Apple and Google are equally evil.
      6. I say if you like Android, go for it. For me, I am very happy with my iPhone.
  2. I guess the iP vs A thing sprang to mind when I read your note to product marketing people. So, not [i]entirely[/i] off topic.

    It’s the sex appeal for which we make concessions, I agree. That, and the convenience of relative stability, as you say.

    As an aside, I decided to wait about 24 months to see how android phones would improve (specifically keeping my eye on the HTCs). I’m not a good (beta) tester of phones, because I just want them to work, every time, reliably. Unfortunately some of my iPhone apps (all legitimate – I haven’t jailbroken my phone) are spontaneously closing on me, so I’m beginning to get impatient with my choice.

    • The Androids are getting better and more stable but they still have a while to go IMHO. The real problem is that Apple always comes out with something groundbreaking and leapfrogs Android before they have a chance to get moving. Having said that the Android sales volumes are phenomenal, so people clearly are happy to fork out for a Google OS.

      I think I might go back and correct my original post to say “mobile” instead of “iPhone”. If I had an Android or a Crackberry I would be just as pushy about having apps for them.

      • I was walking into work when I was responding last time (from my iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and I forgot to address your second point “Android handsets are horribly fragmenting the market”. I disagree. I think the market was already split into three main groups:
        1. people who love the iPhone (OS and business model),
        2. people who hate the iPhone (OS and business model), and
        3. people who don’t care.
        I think all Android did was give people in group two the alternative they were wishing for, and group three a choice.

        So, how do I italicise things in this format? [i][/i] obviously didn’t work..

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